As Seen On ABC 7 With Lori Corbin

Crank It Up As Seen On ABC 7 w/ Lori Corbin

Don't just Spin those legs! Up your Indoor Cycling experience on the bike that moves side to side!

Try the RealRyder bikes that MOVE WITH YOU and actually feel like you are on a real bike!


At Crank It Up, Home of the Hybrid Workout, Cross Training is your key to success!


Q:  What happens if you just do one form of exercise?

A:  You plateau, you get bored and you can even get injured ! 


At Crank It Up... avoid this by mixing it up!

You can cycle, kick, punch, lift, stretch, sweat and meditate your way to significant and lasting change!

We believe in creating a community fun, fitness, longevity and positivity!

Meet Our Coaches

Judi Shapiro-Thiel - Owner

I LOVE fitness, I love moving and I love "Cranking It Up".    

I created this system of hybrid classes to make fitness fun, to put the power back in your hands and to help you cross train for a healthy, strong, beautiful body! 

No matter what your workout level is, the workouts that I have chosen can be adapted to you and your needs.... I want to maximize your body's potential for a TOTAL BODY, rockin' workout.  

I believe in FUN, MOTIVATION and in PUSHING YOUR LIMITS in order to create a healthy body as well as a healthy mind.  I want you to CRANK IT UP!!!!!!  

Tap the names to see who our amazing coaches are!



Our Address:

8195 Wardlow Road

Long Beach, CA 90808



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Sarah Guelpa

Yoga Instructor