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Testimonials and Reviews

This small studio is amazing! The classes are geared to all levels and the instructors know how to adapt for each fitness level.  The best part however is the atmosphere of motivation and personal success.  Instructors know your name and want you to continue on your journey to a fit lifestyle.  The studio feels like teammates working together in a warm, caring and knowledgable atmosphere.  Give a try NOW and you won't regret it.

-- Kathy G.

What I love about this place, a lot! I first tried out this gym on Living Social, which was a year ago. I was hooked and signed up for 3x a week!. 
Yes, I like spin classes and these bikes are awesome because they move. But, there is so much more at this gym. Awesome boxing classes, Weight Training classes, and on sat Brazilian Booty Lift and Cardio. If you're a cardio freak, the spin/boxing class is intense. 
If you're looking for a gym where you feel like your part of a family, this is it. The owner Judy, along with the other instructors, will remember your name. 
Overall, motivating instructors and I love that routines change and new classes have been added since I started.

-Yvette M

What words help describe this amazing fitness studio?  Kindness, motivation, and a solid commitment to each person's fitness journey.  From our very first meeting; Judi, the owner was very welcoming.  Judi taught my FIRST ever cycling class, and I was hooked.  Each instructor has given me every opportunity to be a healthier and stronger version of myself.  Thank You Crank It Up Family!

-Clarissa P.

This is the only workout place I have ever joined. Before visiting the one hour real Ryder class with a friend, I thought it would be my first and last time. The instructor Judi was so warm and motivating in her class, that I had to try again. After 4 months, I am still there, becoming stronger and loving the class and the other riders as well. Crank it up is such a positive place and a neighborhood gem. I never expected that I would look forward to working out, but I actually miss this place when I'm not there. The instructors actually care and are interested in the success of their clients. Bravo !

Bridgette P.

Nothing but positive things to say about this studio. Judi, the owner, is the sweetest! If you're looking for a *family feel* gym, this is the place! I love the variety of classes offered and that there's something for everyone! What's unique about this studio is the hybrid classes, where you can spend half the class on the Real Ryder bike and the other half on the bags, or doing strength/TRX or rowing exercises.  All instructors are so skilled and motivating and really challenge and push you to be your best! I also love that one day I can take a spin class, the next I'm killing it on the bags, and the next I'm stretching and strengthening in Pilates. I love the community Crank It Up has built and will continue to push myself with my CIU family!

Andrea C.

Crank It Up helped me get into fitness-- before I joined, I was an avowed couch potato. I tried so many different workouts-- zumba, running, and even CorePower Yoga-- but none motivated me enough to make me come back! Then I came across Crank It Up, specifically Melanie's Tae Bo class, and I was blown away by how fun it was (and how many calories I burned!). I'm now hooked on the many different classes that Crank It Up provides (boxing, weights, spinning...) and go five times a week!  

It has an atmosphere that is welcoming and warm but also one that pushes you! The people who work there are the best I have ever come across. Judi, the owner, goes out of her way to make you feel at home. There is such a wonderful sense of community at Crank It Up that I find myself not only going to work out but to hang out with friends as well. I have a great experience each time I go. The instructors all know and care about each individual person who comes and the people who go are so, so, so kind. Thank you, Crank It Up, for helping me get in shape... and, most importantly, have a blast while doing so!


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